The 5th technical workshop (technical training S6 & transferable skills training T5) organised by AIT and second public technical course offered by IDIADA, November 6-11, 2020

This online event organized by AIT and IDIADA consists of two parts:

The training on transferable skills (open to the ESRs of PBNv2) will cover two interactive workshops:

  • On Nov. 6, “Diversity in Science” by Julia Himmelsbach (AIT) is dedicated to the core areas of knowledge, self-reflection, social competence, gender- and diversity-aware organizational competencies in the implementation of R&D projects.
  • On Nov. 11, “Communicating Science” by Bernhard Weingartner (TU Vienna) will train rhetorical and dramaturgical methods for efficient preparation and successful performance of captivating scientific presentations.


The technical part of the event is open to general public:

  • On Nov. 09, 9:00-16:00, the Second Public Technical Course on “Fundamentals of Electric Vehicle NVH” will be given by IDIADA.
  • On Nov. 10, 9:00-16:30, the technical training “Big data in transport” organized by AIT will cover and discuss technical, applicational, commercial, as well as regulatory and legal aspects of the topic.


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