PBNv2 Project Meeting hosted by Goodyear in Luxembourg

29th – 30th October, 2019

PBNv2 Midterm and Project Meeting hosted by KU Leuven

20th – 21st February, 2019

PBNv2 Project Meeting hosted by INSA Lyon

29th – 30th November, 2018

First Public Training Course

was organized by ISVR and held at INSA Lyon on 28th – 29th November, 2018

PBNv2 Meeting hosted by Applus/Idiada in Barcelona

May 2nd -3rd , 2018

Kickoff Consortium Meeting in Leuven

May 29th -30th , 2017

All Vacancies filled!

All positions for the H2020 Marie Sklodowska Curie project PBNv2 - Next generation Pass-By Noise approaches for new powertrain vehicles (ETN GA721615) have been filled.

About Us

PBNv2 is formed by 10 beneficiaries combining leading education institutes, top research institutions and leading companies as well as 7 partner organisations established in European automotive R&D.

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Project Objectives

The general goal of PBNv2 is to support in next generation pass-by noise approaches allowing for quiet and safe vehicles.

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ESRs & Workpackages

PBNv2 is divided into 3 work-packages which is conducted by 14 ESRs.

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The 5th technical workshop (technical training S6 & transferable skills training T5) organised by AIT and second public technical course offered by IDIADA, November 6-11, 2020

By Dionysios Panagiotopoulos | November 3, 2020

This online event organized by AIT and IDIADA consists of two parts: The training on transferable skills (open to the ESRs of PBNv2) will cover two interactive workshops: On Nov. 6, “Diversity in Science” by Julia Himmelsbach (AIT) is dedicated to the core areas of knowledge, self-reflection, social competence, gender- and diversity-aware organizational competencies in…

Project Meeting hosted by Goodyear in Luxembourg

By Dionysios Panagiotopoulos | November 12, 2019

The  5th General Assembly – Supervisory Board meeting took place at the facilities of Goodyear on the 29th and 30th of October 2019 in Colmar Berg, Luxembourg. The meeting was preceded by the soft skills training course on innovation management in SMEs given by Vision 2020.

“From ESR to ESR” – Knowledge transfer session.

By Dionysios Panagiotopoulos | November 12, 2019

The session “From ESR to ESR” took place on the 10th of April in the KU Leuven premises. This session was organized as an initiative of the PBNv2 fellows with the goal of disseminating the state of the art of their research topics to the fellow ESRs. The topics that were discussed in the session…

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